Want To Be Discovered

You everybody has a dream and I have a dream. I just want to be discovered. Just to have a life filled with dreams that come true. Like being a writer and an actor and I want my life to go viral on the Internet. At times I want to give up cause I don’t […]

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In each and everyone life everyone has a time for everything. There is a time to cry a time to bo happy a time to die a time to live. But we all have meaning and a purpose for our life. So let’s all do something good today.

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            Sometime     Sometime in life      Someone must die     Sometime in life     We all must cry     Sometime in life     No one will care    Sometime in life    No one will be there    Sometime in time    We all will be old    Somewhere in our mind    We […]

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We NEVER Do Learn

Which way do you turn Cause we never Do Learn Which way do we turn cause by the fire we only get burn When you play with the fire You only going to get hurt You play with that same desire when you know its only a flirt Which way do we turn Cause we […]

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