Brake My Heart

          Brake MY HEART We’ve only been together For a short time Thought it was forever But it was un my mind So when you brake my heart   Don’t look back at me As you brake my heart Remember I was what you need When you brake my heart You need to see As you […]

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All Of Me

all I can offer you. Is all of me. All I can give you. Is a heart that true. You can follow your dreams. And I will follow you. all I can offer you. Is all of me. I will go anywhere. I will go everywhere. As long as your by my side. Until the […]

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My Inspiration

Well I have been look for some kind of inspiration. But I realize sometimes inspiration only comes from inside. So I’m not giving up on my dream. I just need someone to help me make my dream come true. So true inspiration only come from inside. Just like God he can give you all the […]

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When your life is at a stand still. Which way do you go. When you have lost all will. My mind is about to blow. My life is at a stand still. Thinking of which way to turn. Cause my life is at a stand still. My mind like fire burn. When your life is […]

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Stand Still

Right now my life is at a stand still. I really don’t know if I should try or give up on all my dream. Someone please give me inspiration. Inspiration would be helpful.

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You Light Up My World

Have you ever met some one that no matter how your life is. They always had away to put a smile on your face n make you feel warm all over even when its cold. Someone that could light your way when its dark. It could be God or that special someone.                    You Light […]

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