On This Road

I’m on this road again.
Not knowing which way to turn.
I’m on this road of sin.
Cause there still so much to learn.
I’ve took the wrong road.
In my mind too many times.
You know we reap what we sow.
On this road I take in my mind.

Never Give Up

If you have a dream never Give up on it . No matter what someone say you can or cannot do . Never Give up just keep on going and follow your dreams and set a goal.I am never Give up on what I have started and I’m having faith in what I’m doing and follow my dream in life. My dream are to become a writer singer and actor. So never Give up on anything. Never Give up

Today Not Tomorrow

Why do we put the thing that we can do today.
And put it off until tomorrow.
Is it cause we can not face the pain anyway.
cause it bring us sorrow.
Do today Not tomorrow.
Follow all of your dreams.
Do today Not tomorrow.
Make a better way you and me
The hopes of today
IS know you can find away.
Do today Not tomorrow.
And face all of your sorrow

I Feel Like I’m At The End

I feel like I’m at the end
With no start to begin
There is no hope for tomorrow
Cause today is filled with sorrow
I feel like m at the end
Looking for away to begin
A place to start a new again
I’M feel like I’m at the end
hoping for tomorrow to be better
Not wanting it to be forever
I feel like I’m at the end
Afraid to start all over again
I’m here by myself alone
With no one to call a friend
My life maybe all done
I feel like I’m at the end
I feel like I’m at the end
as time pass so it fades
Into the night from the day
I feel like I’m at the end

Time For Change

When life bring you down.
When there is no hope found
Maybe its time for change
your mind to rearrange
When in your heart
it has fallen apart.
Maybe its time for change
Cause everything is always the same
There no where to turn
MAYBE its time for change
In your mind it burn
Maybe its time for change


I am trying to break into acting and writing and singing. If anyone is interested in me I am in south Carolina at mrytle beach at the sea dip right now so if anyone is interested in mangeing me and help me call me at 865-973-1145 cause I am ready.