When Everything Goes Away

In life nothing stays the same.
You try to hide the pain.
You look around in dismay.
When Everything goes away.
Would you sell your soul.
Just to get it back.
Does your words flow.
Do you know what you lack.
When Everything goes away.
Will your life be over.
When Everything goes away.
Will you still be sober.
When Everything goes away.
What will you do today.
What will you say.
When Everything goes away.

It Feels Like Forever

We only been together.
For a short time.
But it feel like forever.
In my heart and mind.
Your the only love I’ve that I’ve known.
And everyday it grow strong.
Our love has really flown.
With you nothing is wrong.
It feel like forever
And no one else exist.
It feel like forever.
So glad we took the risk.
It feel like forever.
I know our love will never end.
All my life were have you been. Cause it feel like forever.

Trying to make something with my life

I am trying to do something with my life. By writing and I know I need to put more stuff out there. But at times I don’t believe in myself enough to keep on putting my writing out there. Plus don’t know if I’m good enough either so were do I go and were do I turn. I even have started a book called a rejected life. I also want to become an actor as well but don’t know how to get started. Sometimes I feel like giving up on everything. Well maybe I should cause I don’t think I’m going anywhere right now. So far all the stuff I have written suppose to become a book of poems and then turn some of them into lyrics. Which a few of them I have tried turn them into my own songs. Well everyone have a good rest of the weekend.
          Arnold Wesley Adkins

Time For Change

Maybe today is the day.
Maybe its time for change.
Just need to find away.
life need to be re arranged.
Maybe its time for change.
No time to put it off.
Maybe its time for change.
Cause of what has taught.
Maybe its time for change.
Like spring into summer.
Maybe its time for change.
Like fall into winter.
When its time for change.
We all will know.
When its time for change.
Cause we will reap what we sow.