Everyday Should Be Thanksgiving

Everyday Should be Thanksgiving.
Cause we all should have something or someone to be thankful for. We have food to eat and clothes to wear. There a roof over our heads and warm place to sleep. But if you look around you can find someone or even a family who is homeless or has nothing and no one. So if you have a place to sleep that ish warm and food to eat and you also have your family then you have something to be Thankful for. Today go to God and thank Him for what He has done for you. Remember Everyday Should Be Thanksgiving. Christmas is now comng up and we need to know the reason for season. Remember that Jesus Christ is the reason and He give His life for you and me and everybody. So this year give and remember that it’s better to give than receive. So have a safe and blessed Christmas.

No Need To Pretend

There no need to pretend .
We just don’t want it to end
There no need to pretend
We want to be more than friends
There no need to pretend
When we both feel this way
Waiting for another day
So there no need to pretend
We both have someone
Someone at home to love
When it’s all said and done
We both know that it’s not enough
There no need to pretend
There no need to be just friends
We both don’t want this to end
There no need to pretend