A New Year With A New With A New Beginning

It’s a new year.
With a new beginning
With some new fears
As another year ending
Maybe I will do things a different way
With a new beginning
Change myself for good today
And stop all my sinning
With a new beginning
It’s time to stop running
With a new heart with no ending
And with a new beginning
I have changed my heart
I have changed my mind
Which both were tore apart
And put back together this time
With a new beginning
Going forward with no ending
In a world that always changing
Now With a new beginning


We played that game
A little to long
It’s almost the same
Like that same old song
We try to do things different
Trying to make it work
But it always turns out different
And in the end it always hurt
We are different you and I
Looking for someone to love
We are different you and I
Dreams of the stars above

Passing Time

I’m here just passing time
But only in my mind
Sometimes looking for away out
Always running with doubt
Trying to say a prayer
Thinking that life ain’t fair
Wishing I could go back
On a one way track
That’s why I’m passing time
Thinking no one cares
So I’ll keep passing time
Cause no one there
I’ll be passing time
Until one day I’ll find
What is really mine
So I’ll be passing time