Fight For Our Rights

I am going to start a web site for some one to join and fight for our rights. Everyone needs to pray for this. If we do not fight for our rights we will lose our rights and freedoms. This web site is for Christians and america as well . We are slowly losing our freedom as a Christian too. People these days don’t even have freedom of speech anymore. People think bad is good and good is bad. So I’m trying to do something that will help Christians and Americans as well. But we need to stand up for our rights. Christians can’t even do things without being thrown into jail if they believe in what they stand for which was what this country was founded on and built on . So if you believe in this help me and follow me on Google plus or Twitter. I also have a dream of becoming an actor and a writer and a singer as well. So if you have dreams in order to keep this country free and back to God we need to pray and stand up for our rights. More To come later on. Thank you, AWA Arnold Adkins


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