I Have A Dream, My Dream

Everyone has dreams and I have a dream my dream. I’m not given up. I have dreams of the world as of being one. Just like Martian Luther King said I Have A Dream and just like John Lennon sung the song Imagine. I have a dream of God being back in America and I wish it could be like Heaven on Earth. If it was Heaven on Earth I would try to sing the song Imagine and dream about how I would want the world or how the world would be great that way. No killing no one going hungry or getting hurt and the America and along with the world being together and being as one. Everyone loving everyone and being there for everyone. But I will pray and standing up for what I believe in and I have a voice and I will be heard. When you have kids you want your kids dreams to come true in true so I want to stand up for Christian and American s too. I want to try to change the world with something I write or something I say or even sing. My pray is to have more people who feel the same way I do. I want my book to change someone or change something about the world. My book is Fight For Your Rights As A Christian and A Americans which I’m still working on hopefully to have it out soon along with my other books. Thank you
                                               AWA Arnold Adkins

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