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Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas

  • Have you ever wonder how life would be if everyone had love in there life. In order to have that kind of love would come from God. Like the reason for the season, so sometime during this Christmas stop and mediate why we celebrate Christmas. .
  •        If everyday could be like Christmas, just think how the world could be . The world would be a better place. There would be peace , people would be more caring. 

What To Do?

I wish when I was a lot younger I would have followed my dreams or maybe would have done what I was meant to be or even do. Now I’m older and have put away some of the things that have been in the way from me doing what I am supposed to be or do. So now I’m trying to make something of my self like writing or acting or dowhat II’m supposed to do with time I have been given. We all need to do the same and make the world a better place for all of us.



“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
~J.R.R. Tolkien

Sounds simple, right?

Whether you’re trying to prioritize tasks for today, or you’re searching for your life-long calling, all you have to do is decide what to do within the time you have been given.

Because we don’t have forever. Time is finite.

Recently, I have reconnected with a group of folks online who grew up in the seventies in my hometown.

At 16, it feels like life is so long, like you have forever to decide what you will do with your life. Although some kids knew way back then the direction their lives would take, I would wonder for many years to come.

And even then, I ended up having to focus more on Who I would be rather than What I would be.

That’s where developing a personal mission statement really…

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United Together

Maybe someday we can find away
Were we could change the world
People could unite together
Take time as one and pray
Were love can sore
And live in place like heaven forever
With no more pain and tears
Peace on earth no fears
Everyone United together
Living together forever and ever
United together to pray
United together we will stay
Unite together as one
Unite together we have won
Unite together it will be done

Another Christmas Day

Another Christmas Day
Should it be like Christmas past
Or do we find away
To make Christmas last
To have a heart of giving
Love to give all year round
Make someone life worth living
Touch a heart that is down
Another Christmas Day
It’s here once again
Make Christmas everyday
Share it with some friends
Another Christmas Day
We should celebrate the reason
Love for everyone I pray
Not just at this season
Cause God from up above
Gave the greatest gift
So let’s share His love
To every heart love can fix
So let’s find away
Not to make it another Christmas Day

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming
We need to be giving thanks
Thanksgiving is coming
Always giving thanks
Giving Thanks everyday
Giving Thanks in every way
Not just on thanksgiving
Giving Thanks everyday that we are living

  We all are blessed so we need to be giving thanks for all we have. Give thanks to God for what he has done. Not only on thanksgiving day but everyday giving thanks.