Another Book

Time To Make A Stand, is another book I’m going to put out there and I will have a book called Fight For Your Rights A CHRISTIAN And American. My Other is called Peons Of Love Lyrics and I also have a book called All Tied Up. All these books are in the works just […]

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Time to Make A Stand

I know I’m not perfect I never have claimed to be. I’m not here to judge and no one needs to judge me either. I still do a lot of wrong thing in my life. But I’m still trying to work on that. Really don’t know how to really start this Fight For Your Rights […]

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Fight For Your Rights

Hey my book Fight For Your Rights will be out as soon as I can get it. Hopefully everyone will be interested in my book and hopefully everyone will think about fighting for your rights as well. If those people who have rights by doing the wrong thing has rights then CHRISTIAN and American has […]

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Fight For Our Rights

I am going to start a web site for some one to join and fight for our rights. Everyone needs to pray for this. If we do not fight for our rights we will lose our rights and freedoms. This web site is for Christians and america as well . We are slowly losing our […]

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I’m Burning

I’m Burning up with desire I’m Burning up I’m on fire Nothing can cool me down Cause girl you are always around I’m Burning up with desire I’m Burning up I’m on fire You are the one to blame Just look at the flames I’m Burning up with desire I’m Burning up I’m on fire

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Waste It All

Did I waste it all Time to take the fall While I waste it all Will you make the call No time to start over Cause I don’t have forever Did I waste it all When life was at a stall

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